Our Products


At Tía Chía we believe that our customers deserve “something good everyday” and “quality at a fair price”.  And this is shown at our products. We understand that the key to access truly healthy food is on organic produce.  But we are not just happy with that. Our organic certified products must be of the highest quality. And day after day we work on bringing you the latest and greatest at a fair price.

Some of the products you can find at our shop:

(click on each category for a list or here for a full list)

algae: dulse algae, nori sushi, juliana soup with algae & much more

appetiser: olives, veggie pate spread, couscous, flours, rice & much more

beverages: water, beer, energy drinks & much more

breakfast: horchata, milks, honey, porridge, chia seeds & much more

bulk: nuts, dried figs, pitted dates, sultana raisins, sunflower seeds & much more

coffee & tea: green coffee, substitute coffee, 3 years old kukicha tea, sweet chamomile, panela sugar & much more

fruits & veggies: on season & much more

oils & condiments: olive oil, cider vinegar, himalayan salt,  cinnamon, fish seasoning & much more

snacks: candied ginger, banana chips, hazelnut, chocolate, puffed spelt & much more


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